2020 November

Nancy Hopkins-Garris to Retire in January

Nancy Hopkins-Garris, Executive Director at Pleasant View, Inc. (PVI), is scheduled to retire in January after 35 years with the organization – 29 years as Executive Director.

During her time at the helm, PVI has grown in the number of services and the number of people supported. They have been innovative in their services in advocating for those who have disabilities.

When reflecting on her time at PVI, Hopkins-Garris shares, “Pleasant View offers opportunities for the individuals we support to be truly part of the larger community through jobs, volunteer opportunities, and community-based living in a variety of places and settings.”

She adds, “We have developed a spiritual service to our services which provides a pastor who assists those we support in spiritual growth based on their goals and desires.”

In her retirement, Hopkins-Garris plans to spend time pursuing several of her hobbies, such as gardening, working with fiber, music, travel and church connections. She also hopes to find ways to give back in meaningful ways.

When we reached out to Hopkins-Garris, she told us, “The opportunity to be part of the MHS community has added so much to my life and work over the past years. I have received so much support and inspiration from all the leaders and members of MHS. It has been a blessing to be able to call on this MHS community as we work together in service. You have all truly been a blessing.”


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