2020 December

Navigating Your Procurement Strategy

As 2020 concludes, Care Purchasing Services (CPS) rejoices the achievements and recognizes the challenges that the pandemic has created for communities, staff and residents. Our goal at CPS is to understand what matters most to your community and support your procurement needs as you continue to navigate the pandemic and the new year. As MHS’s dedicated Client Account Manager, Dianne Piet is available to serve as an extension to your team by supporting your strategic plan, whether it is new technology to improve the resident’s experience, utility savings to put cash back in your reserve, or the installation of an air purification system.

CPS will continue to provide pandemic support with a multitude of solutions, the weekly COVID-19 Communication, and much more. The COVID-19 Communication is an essential resource that provides an array of information from PPE availability, sanitizing systems, vaccines, etc. Plus, Dianne is available to assist your team with navigating the daily pandemic procurement needs.

In the new year, leverage your no cost membership to navigate your procurement strategies. It offers exclusive discount pricing and access to national vendors with quality products and services. CPS carefully vets vendor partners and holds them to the highest standards per the following categories.

  • Administrative
  • Clinical
  • Culinary
  • Environmental
  • Healthcare, Therapy, and Exercise Equipment
  • New Construction and Renovation
  • Plant Operations
  • Technology

Dianne is ready to work with you in 2021. To get started, contact Dianne Piet by phone 603-935-7923 or email For additional CPS information, visit


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