2020 December

Peace on Earth

by Clare Krabill, MHS COO

“And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men,”

Luke 2:13-14

With this heavenly birth announcement came the good news of the ushering in of peace on earth. The English word, peace, is a pale representation of its Hebrew counterpart, shalom, which embodies a much grander notion of well-being, peace and wholeness. As Christians, we are invited to participate in God’s work of shalom-making. As health and social service ministries, your organizations, empowered by your colleagues, volunteers, clients, and communities, work together to foster shalom. 

So often we measure organizational success through a positive bottom line or the positive standing of your organization in your community, instead of through the evidence of shalom. Only the success which is produced from integrity and includes the well-being of all is shalom success. One way to think of this is that shalom exists where conditions are as they ought to be. 

Intentional accountability structures are one way to evaluate with transparency if conditions are as they ought to be. These can come in many forms: peer groups or relationships; clear reporting to constituents on key metrics; agreed upon and well-communicated methods for resolving conflicts; community focus groups; and policies to support diversity, equity and inclusion among others.  

The shalom gifted to us through Christ is grand, comprehensive, and eternal. Conversely, the product of your integrity as your organization seeks the well-being of your employees and those you serve can frequently be found in the details and minutiae of daily life. During this Christmas season, may you pause to consider God’s gift of peace on earth and how, though your daily work and interactions, you may share and foster that peace.


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