2021 February Your Words

Your Words Responses for February

What is one thing you’re looking forward to doing once you’re vaccinated?

As more people on our campus are vaccinated, I’m looking forward to our residents getting some normalcy returned to their lives, and to seeing residents and family members physically reunite!

Allen Geckle, CEO of Jewish Home of Greater Harrisburg

Travel! (I’m sure this is a popular one)

Krista Ogburn, Director of Human Resources at Jubilee

Travel and visit family

Charles E. Cable, retired

Going on sabbatical with Jonathan
Place TBD

Carol Shenk Bornman, Bornman Boat Builders 🙂

Enjoying the feeling of being at peace knowing I have done this small thing to help stop the spread of the virus in our world.

Allen Rutter, Executive Director at Shalom Counseling and Mediation Center

When all of our adults with intellectual disabilities have been vaccinated, and so have all of our employees, we can open up our facility! Our participants can come back to learn and grow and our employees can come back to work. Praise God for that day!!

Kirt Barden, CEO at Lighthouse Vocational Services

Being able to visit family and friends without fear of getting COVID.

Warren Tyson, Board Chair at Frederick Living

I am vaccinated but nothing has changed. I do feel less anxious about being around others, going to restaurants, traveling, etc. I’m most looking forward to an in person visit with my mom who lives in a Personal Care Home and is also vaccinated.

Susan Noriega, Vice President of Health Services at Fairmount Homes

I’m excited to be able to see my family.

Pamela Miller, Development Director at Pleasant View, Inc

I’m looking forward to hugging my 96 year-old mother (who’s also vaccinated)…and my children, of course!

Deanna Beins, Administrator at Menno Haven Rehabilitation Center


Ken Neher, Executive Director at Garden Terrace Senior Living

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