2021 April

Reduce Your Kitchen Risk and Deliver What Residents Crave

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Managing cooking oil and grease disposal is one of the most dreaded tasks in any kitchen. It’s dangerous. It’s messy. It’s labor-intensive. It can even be costly if someone gets hurt in the process. That’s why you need Total Oil Management—the all-in-one solution for fresh cooking oil delivery, grease removal and recycling at the push of a button. Restaurant Technologies understands the unique challenges of non-commercial food service operators. Their solutions can help you with reduced full-time employee capacity and deliver measurable safety benefits day-to-day as well as help you continue the quality of care and living standards your residents expect.

Program Benefits:

  • Eliminate labor-intensive oil handling or long transfers across property
  • Reduce employee exposure to hot oil to reduce serious injury frequency
  • Reduce slips, falls, burns, and associated worker’s compensation claims to reduce employee injury frequency
  • Eliminate loading, storing, and retrieving 35lb. jugs
  • Encourage more diligent filtering to improve food quality
  • Reduce non-organic waste and carbon footprint by eliminating thousands of pounds of waste corrugate and plastic JIB packaging
  • Support organic waste reduction programs by eliminating the 1lb per JIB of fresh unused oil thrown out by normal practices
  • Support employee retention and engagement by providing a safer, cleaner, more efficient kitchen
  • Support diversity and inclusion by providing a reasonable accommodation for a difficult back of house task for employees with disabilities

With Total Oil Management, they handle the entire oil process for you—from ordering and receipt processing to delivering fresh cooking oil all the way to storing, handling and recycling of used cooking oil. The advanced kitchen equipment and technology even automates everything so your employees never have to worry about transporting hot oil ever again.

How does it work? Restaurant Technologies install two tanks, one for bulk fresh cooking oil and one for waste oil in your back-of-house. The tanks are connected to your fryers, as well as an exterior wall. They then install automatic controls on the inside of your fryers so employees can easily add, filter and dispose at the push of a button. They do system configurations for all fryer types—even those without built-in filtration. Once the equipment is installed, the service trucks deliver fresh cooking oil and remove restaurant grease via a lockable outdoor fill box. All grease picked up by the trucks is recycled into biodiesel, making used cooking oil removal and grease recycling easy for you and your business. The entire process is done according to your schedule and cooking oil usage, creating a seamless experience thanks to the system’s closed-loop functionality. And with Restaurant Technologies, there is no upfront capital costs to install or unexpected service charges on equipment because they stand behind their services.

The oil technology and monitoring solutions provide managers with access to an easy-to-use dashboard for visibility into each location’s performance and compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs). This data, pulled from the advanced smart equipment they install in your kitchen, is continuously updated for daily analysis.

Not only that but the Oil Activity subscription technology tracks daily oil usage and sends email notifications when a location exceeds its threshold or isn’t filtering for the required duration. Managers can also view current oil levels, evaluate trends in oil usage, and see the delivery and disposal history. When paired with your own food data, daily tracking of food-to-oil ratios and other key metrics becomes possible—and easy—across locations and dayparts. Now you have the power to determine if your staff is using too much oil, costing you money, or using too little oil, sacrificing food quality.

A variety of data views and downloadable reports allow managers to review historical data, compare oil usage and analyze activity over time. But what does all of this mean to you? It means you can improve staff training, correct employee behavior, forecast future oil usage and identify areas to improve efficiency. Don’t waste another minute on manual restaurant grease management. Get started today and stop worrying about fryer oil so you and your staff can get back to what really matters: delivering the food and dining experience your residents crave. Contact Dianne Piet, your dedicated CPS Client Account Manager, at 603-935-7923, email:


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