2021 August

The Board’s Role in Risk Management

by Karen Lehman

What is the role of the Board when it comes to risk management?   There are several reasons why a governing Board needs to pay attention to issues that relate to organizational risks;

  • It is the Board’s responsibility to ensure effecting planning for all of the programs and service lines of the organization, including the awareness of where the organization may have its greatest liability risk and ensuring there is protection or safeguards in place, 
  • Overall protection of the organizations assets and resources requires a solid risk assessment and plan,
  • And finally, the Board’s ultimate responsibility is to ensure the legal and ethical integrity of the organization which can only be done through a robust and thorough risk management program. 

For a full review of the Board’s role in risk management, please see the BoardSource resource that is available to you. One of the benefits of your MHS membership is being able to ask questions about governance related matters to MHS staff.  Send questions to Info@mhsonline.or


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