Upgrade Your Quality of Care with Obie, An Award-Winning Interactive Gaming System

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Obie for Seniors is an award-winning interactive gaming system that offers meaningful play for seniors. Seniors engaged in high quality, active play-based experiences will feel better about their physical capabilities and improve their willingness to socialize.

97% of seniors using Obie show significant motoric improvement, Senior Care During Covid-19

Obie for Seniors is a high touch, high-technology, interactive gaming system that projects onto any surface – tabletops, floors, and walls – encouraging active play through touching, moving, and hand-eye coordination skills. The device uses sensors to identify movements and offers a suite of games to enhance movement, cognition, and social interaction.

Upgrade the quality of care for our residents by making a commitment to offering state-of-the-art technology. Obie for Seniors has received numerous awards for its innovative solution to enhancing quality of life for older adults, including first place in LeadingAge California’s 2021 People Choice Award, first place in the Mediterranean Towers Ventures’s Agetech ‘Startup of the Year’ Competition 2021, and others. Obie for Seniors technology by EyeClick is a new CPS vendor partner. Contact Dianne Piet, your dedicated CPS Client Account Manager, at 603-935-7923, email:, to begin improving your residents well being.


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