2021 September

In Pursuit of Board Excellence

by Clare Krabill, MHS COO

The financial and strategic pressures from COVID make a highly functioning Board of Directors more important than ever. MHS offers a number of tools and resources to support excellence in Board Governance.

Are you making the most of your MHS membership? The following are available to all MHS Members at no added cost. Email or call 574.534.9689 for more information.

MHS Board Self-Assessment. The Board Self-Assessment blends perspectives from various governance approaches and includes the following dimensions: board practice, fiduciary oversight, strategic engagement, generative/creative work, integration of faith and values in board work, and personal board member engagement. The assessment process typically takes 5-7 weeks. It is recommended that self-assessments be completed every two or three years.

MHS Board Peer Assessment. The MHS Board Peer Assessment tool is a brief survey typically used to measure a board member’s individual position on the board as they are being considered for reappointment.

MHS Original Resources. MHS has created a number of resources to better serve our members and those interested in board development. Please take a look at the resources below. Visit the MHS webpage for more tools and resources at

Informal Consultation. Sometimes it is good to have someone to talk to about a particular governance challenge. MHS loves engaging with our members.

Innovating Level Members. MHS’s most robust membership includes: consultation and support for board member recruitment; annual board education by MHS staff; Board monitoring schedule and meeting planning; and strategic planning or other consultation engagement by MHS staff triennially.

Webinars. MHS offers many webinars each year. Sign up to receive webinar notifications at Do you see a webinar that you wish you hadn’t missed? Email or call MHS and we will be happy to email a link to the video to our MHS members.

The following resources are available at additional cost.

MHS Consulting Services. MHS Members receive a discount on consulting services including, but not limited to strategic planning and CEO searches. Mennonite Health Assembly. MHS’ annual gathering of MHS member leadership. The March 2022 Health Assembly will feature a pre-conference extended workshop on Governance Training for the CEO & Board Chair as well as a one-day track on Strategic Positioning. Additional workshops suitable for Board members will be offered.


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