Webinar Recap – “What Motivates Employees: A Multi-generational Roundtable Discussion”

MHS presented “What Motivates Employees: A Multi-generational Roundtable Discussion” on December 16, 2021. The webinar was presented by Jeremy Kauffman, Managing Director of MHS Consulting. Jeremy was joined by Rose Schrock (Baby Boomer) from Pleasantview, Grace Esquivel (Millennial) from Pleasantview, Devon Reynolds (Millennial) from Tel Hai Retirement Community, and Mindy McLaughlin (Gen X) from Tel Hai Retirement Community.

Jeremy and our panelists shared their insights about what things are most important to them when finding a job, how they interact with individuals from different generations, and identifying with their generational characteristics. Multiple panelists highlighted professional development and learning opportunities as major drivers for staying with their organization. These opportunities allowed panelists to bring more value to their organization and feel more connected to the mission and values.

Our panel also had conversations of their experiences with working with individuals of multiple generations. They all highlighted positive experiences, with Rose providing an experience of being trained with a younger Millennial colleague. She noted that her experience was helpful to understand how her colleagues approach a task / process and she found it overall to be a great experience. Rose noted that it is both equally important to learn from both older and younger generations.

Jeremy presented research from Purdue University that identified characteristics from each generation. While the majority of panelists connected and agreed with their characteristics, Devon noted she identified with more Gen X characteristics. She noted she was an older Millennial and stated she felt like her characteristics were a mix of Gen X and Millennial with a lean towards the Gen X characteristics.

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