Webinar Recap: February 17, 2022 – Selecting the Right People: Effective Hiring Strategies and Best Practices

MHS presented “Selecting the Right People: Effective Hiring Strategies and Best Practices” on February 17, 2022. The webinar was presented by Jeremy Kauffman, Managing Director of MHS Consulting. With continued workforce pressures, there’s been lots of conversation about recruiting and retention. But sandwiched in the middle of these two things is the process of screening candidates and making decisions about how to hire. Hiring, and the practices we use to make those decisions, in today’s environment needs as much focus as the others.

Jeremy walked through the 5 sections of the hiring process: pre-recruiting, initial screening, interviews, additional evaluation methods, and selection. These steps will require coordination with multiple departments within your organization and allow your organization to be ready to find the ideal candidate. The importance of a plan is crucial. This will demonstrate how the organization is organized and a way of selling the role and origination to the potential candidate.

Pre-recruiting allows your company to provide clarity on the needs of the organization so you know what the ideal candidate looks like before you post the position. The initial screening gives the organization the time to begin the screening process of a candidate and determine their qualifications quickly. Interviewing will set the stage for a candidate. It’s very important your organization is prepared and understands the roles to make the best impression with a candidate. Additional evaluation methods such as peer interviews or job shadowing gives the candidate the opportunity to meet team members and see a typical day-to-day environment. Finally, the selection method provides clarity for the candidate and the organization on offer letters and rejections. Webinars are recorded and provided to all registered individuals. To sign up and register for our webinars, please go to

Watch the full webinar here.


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