Trends in Retention and Recruitment

It is no secret that a tight labor market continues to plague industries across the country with health and social service providers being among the hardest hit.  While health and social service doesn’t have the option to transition staff to remote work, employers are finding success by utilizing several new trends in workforce recruitment and retention.

Paying Quickly
Nursing homes were among the early adopters of this new trend and are seeing significant positive feedback after implementation.  A variety of options exist such as smartphone apps that give employees the opportunity to transfer wages to their bank account immediately after clocking out from their shift.  While some of the apps charge fees, others such as DailyPay are free to employers.  This latest trend is becoming more of a necessity to stay competitive with the large number of employers moving to provide this benefit.

Providing Opportunities for Growth and Development
Considering every new hire is more likely to leave an employer in their first 90 days of employment, one way to address this is to find ways to provide professional development and learning opportunities for staff.  Workplace surveys have found that more than 90% of employees would stay at a job longer if their employer invested in their learning.  Using options such as in-services, seminars, and cross-training you can help an employee build on their skills, increase their job satisfaction and, in turn, improve retention rates. 

Communicate Appreciation
Employees need to feel valued and appreciated for their efforts.  One way you can improve staff morale is by providing them with real time patient feedback.  Web platforms such as provides a way to connect health care staff directly to positive patient feedback.  As you share patient gratitude with front line workers, workers feel appreciated, supported and more satisfied at their job.

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