A Board’s Role In Fundraising

Board service is truly a labor of love to the organization that you serve. Board members can have a wide range of responsibilities including developing strategic goals and objectives, identifying goals and opportunities of the CEO, and governing the organization, among others. One responsibility that can get overlooked is fundraising.

Board members are excellent fundraisers due to their deep connection to the organization’s mission and vision. The familiarity a board has with the inner workings of your organization as well as understanding what drives the mission and goals make them ideal advocates.

There are many ways board members can support an organization’s fundraising efforts including introducing staff to prospective donors, educating community members on the importance of your organization’s mission and vision, and making personal donations.

To keep fundraising from getting overlooked, set clear expectations with board members when recruiting and onboarding. Consider including fundraising responsibilities in a formal job description prior to recruitment. These expectations will help a board identify potential board members that will drive your organization forward and allow your board members to excel. Members can access board member recruitment and onboarding resources through the MHS website to strengthen your processes and set clear expectations.

Boards can continue cultivating a fundraising focus by dedicating time during board meetings. We recommend spending a few minutes at each board meeting to share previous successes and talking points for future fundraising conversations. Also, take some time to pair up in meetings to practice your “elevator pitch” for fundraising efforts.

To hear more thoughts and insight into fundraising efforts, please register for “You Want Me to Do What? Engaging Boards in Fundraising”. The webinar will be July 19 at 2:30 pm EST/11:30 pm PST. Panelists include William S. Hartman, Vice President Organization Services, Everence; Elyse Kauffman, Charitable Consultant, Everence; Hugh Davis, President & CEO, Menno Haven Retirement Center; Wayne Yeager, Board Chair, Menno Haven Retirement Center; and Missy Kauffman Schrock, MBA, Executive Director, Center for Healing & Hope.

Click here to register.

Nick Matthews, MHS Communications and Program Director


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