Webinar Recap – CEO Succession Planning Part 2- Lessons Learned from the New CEO

MHS presented “CEO Succession Planning Part 2- Lessons Learned from the New CEO” on May 24, 2022. The webinar focused on the new incoming CEO and their experience transitioning into their role. Sometimes the best-designed plans and considerations may not be what is most helpful or needed. Each organization is unique as is each new CEO. In this webinar, you will hear from two CEOs about their transition experience. They share their lessons learned and suggestions for successful onboarding and developing a trusting partnership between the Board and the new CEO. The webinar was presented by Karen Lehman, President/CEO of MHS, Jeff O’Neal, CEO of Brook Lane, and Michelle Rassler, CEO of Frederick Living.

Jeff transitioned into his role after the outgoing CEO announced his intentions to retire. Jeff was able to work with the outgoing CEO on the transition planning and gain insight into the organization before he officially began his role. He appreciated having that time to learn about where the organization was and where it was heading. Michelle was transitioning into the CEO role after Frederick Living was working with an interim-CEO. She was able to work with the interim CEO to identify the needs that can be addressed on day one and establish a smooth transition plan.

Jeff had faced the challenge of the outgoing CEO still making decisions that would impact Jeff’s work as the incoming CEO. This was attributed to the outgoing CEO possibly not being ready to retire. Michelle faced the challenge of the organization’s satisfaction with the interim CEO’s work and was not ready to fully transition into a new CEO. This was helped by the interim CEO walking the organization through the transition plan and making themselves available to Michelle once the transition was completed.

To watch the webinar recording, click here.

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Nick Matthews, MHS Communications and Program Director


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