Fostering the Board & CEO Relationship

What is one of the most important reasons why an organization goes from being a good organization to being an exceptional organization?   It is the people, their values and commitment, that make an organization exceptional!  At the helm of an exceptional organization is a strategic and visionary Board of Directors who understand their important role in the hiring and setting accountability of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  This important partnership is what can strategically move an organization forward through the challenges that nonprofit, faith-based ministries encounter today. 

When a Board of Directors hires the CEO, they are hiring the person that they most trust to bring the right people with the right skills into the organization to carry out the strategic direction they have established. It is the leadership of the organization that the Board counts on to carry out the mission.

There are many ways that a Board can set a solid foundation to ensure a positive relationship with their CEO. From the initial hire that establishes employment compensation, role parameters and policies, to setting aspirational goals and strategic planning. Along the way there is monitoring and at appropriate intervals an assessment of the CEO’s progress. These are important processes in maintaining and strengthening the partnership between the Board and CEO.

Today, more than ever, the Board has to be aware of the need to review the CEO’s compensation. Awareness of the compensation structure for the executive team as well as for all staff to ensure there are appropriate and fair practices across the organization should be part of an overall compensation review.  While pay and benefits are only one part of an employee’s continued engagement and commitment to an organization, it is an important one. There are many other ways that a Board and CEO can build and foster a positive relationship. In the webinar presented in August, MHS will provide additional ways that can strengthen and nurture these roles to achieve exceptional outcomes for your ministry.

To hear more thoughts and insight into the relationship of the Board & CEO Relationship, please register for “Fostering the Board & CEO Relationship”. In this webinar, we will share information on best practices, tools and resources that are available to foster a positive and enduring relationship between the Board and CEO. This will be an interactive webinar with time for attendee participation and your organization’s CEOs, Board Chairs, Board Members, and Senior Leaders should attend.

Click here to register.

Karen Lehman, President / CEO, MHS


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