Telling Your Story in a Noisy World

How do you get noticed when everyone is competing for the same attention? It is almost impossible for a business today to not have a social media presence. It is the most direct way to communicate and receive feedback from your audience. Since everyone is on social media, it can be tough to cut through the noise and get your message out there.

Here are a few tips to help get more attention on social media:

  • Connect To Your Mission and Values: Anytime you publish anything, it should always align with your mission and values. Take some time to discuss what content aligns with your mission and values. This could be client success stories, community advocacy, educating the general audience on your industry, and more.
  • Be Consistent: Posting content on a regular basis will keep your organization in people’s social media feeds and stay top of mind. It will help your audience know when to expect to see content from your organization as well. Find a schedule that works for your social media manager and create a content calendar. The more consistent you are with your content, the faster you will grow your audience.
  • Have a strong advocate group: Social media platforms like Facebook will show content to a small sample of your total audience to see if your content will be engaging to a larger audience. One way to make sure your content is getting visible to as many people as possible, is to have a group of advocates that can like and share your content. These advocates can be employees, board members, community members, family, and friend. Advocates will help connect your content to more people.
  • Give it time: This might be the hardest step to take. If you don’t see growth as quickly as you would like, it is a common feeling to think your strategies aren’t working. Growing a social media audience takes time and patience! It is recommended to give a social media strategy between 3 – 6 months of time before re-evaluating. Platforms such as Facebook have excellent analytics tools and insights into your social media strategies to determine if they are effective.

These tips can help your organization cut through the noise of social media and build meaningful connections with your audience. MHS members who are in Marketing and Communications are encouraged to join the Marketing and Communications Network Group and connect with your peers on how they are growing their social media audience.

What are some additional ways that you’ve grown your social media audience? Leave a comment below and share your tips and success stories. and share your tips and success stories.


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