Amplify your mission. Change the world.

Personal values drive our decisions in a fast-paced society with little time to reflect on why we do what we do. In health and social services organizations, your culture, client care philosophies, operations, marketing, advancement programs, and yes – investments – reflect your values.  

Your organization exists to create change in your community and the larger world while maintaining a positive reputation, reflective of your organizational values. Shouldn’t this be true of your investments too?

What is values-based investing

Organizational investments have multiple purposes, including funding reserves, uncompensated care, and future projects. The values of the companies represented in your investment portfolios are linked with your organization’s values.

Values-based investing has been around for hundreds of years and largely began with religious groups, including Anabaptists and Quakers who adopted this mindset early. Over the last decade, the ability to invest in ways that align with values has grown in popularity. In recent years, many firms are offering investment strategies commonly referred to as socially responsible (SRI) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) but not all these offerings are the same and few have faith-based principles at their core.

Faith-rooted investing emphasizes aligning the mission of your organization with your investment portfolio. It is possible to pursue principles such as building a world at peace and free from violence, environmental sustainability, and responsible management practices, to name a few. This is all done in a well-diversified investment portfolio that serves your institution’s financial needs

Choosing the right investment

It is important to identify those key investment values that align with your organization’s values. This can include:

  • Surveying your organizations’ current portfolios for factors that conflict with your values or with fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Working with an investment manager whose mission is to help you integrate your faith and investment values for optimal return and who can fulfill your organizations’ needs.

Know you are making sound decisions that resonate beyond the reach of your own organization — contact Everence and have our financial consultants confirm that your specific investments fully align with your values.

Contact Everence at: or

William Hartman,
Vice President of Organization and Congregation Services, Everence


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