Webinar Recap – Staying Relevant in Today’s Staffing Market

Recruitment and retention are a constant struggle in today’s health and human service industries. It’s no secret that staffing obstacles are especially challenging in the current market, but how are organizations combatting this? In this webinar, Staying Relevant in Today’s Staffing Market, panelists discuss creative hiring and benefits strategies that have bolstered their staffing abilities.

Registrants joined from Kansas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Colorado, all sharing insights into the successes and challenges their organizations are facing.

A few key conversation points:

  • There’s no one solution!
  • Be willing to try something new.
  • Get creative in your marketing.
  • Explore how you can be flexible for your employees’ needs.

For more on how to find success in today’s staffing market, check out the best practices, tools, and resources highlighted in this month’s webinar.

Riley Mills,
Communications and Program Associate, MHS


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