2021 January Your Words

Your Words Responses for January

What is one way you have practiced self-care during the pandemic?

I downloaded the “pray as you go ” app and walk and listen as the sun is rising.

Kevin King, Executive Director at Mennonite Disaster Service

Making sure I walk between 10,000 to 20,000 steps a day. I listen to podcasts and books when I walk.

Myron J Weaver, Executive Director at OrrVilla Retirement Community

Intentionally looking for sparks of redemption in everyday.

Missy Schrock, Executive Director at Center for Healing and Hope

Taking time in silence each morning, walking on lunch breaks and spending time with family. Maintaining good boundaries.

Allen Rutter, Executive Director at Shalom Ministries

I found it helpful and necessary to purposefully step back from the noise of the pandemic and spend some time alone. These times of introspection help me become more aware of the constant, loving presence of God, who knows all things and does not change, and is sovereign over the affairs of the universe. This awareness helps bring peace in the midst of the turmoil of the season.

Curt Stutzman, President/CEO at Messiah Lifeways

I discovered and experience the “2-minute listening/grounding meditation” created by the Center for Action and Contemplation.

Don Tyson, MHS Board Member and MSN Programs Director at Eastern Mennonite University

Always wearing a mask. I keep a box on front seat of my car. Mostly church & prayer meeting is virtual – ZOOM.

Rebecca M. Nolt, Retired RN

Deep conversations with friends over coffee, outdoors, social distancing, in freezing condition, with many layers of clothing 🙂

Dennis R Koehn, PhD Principal at Koehn Consulting

Daily walk of 30 to 60 minutes!

Robert Carlson, Retired from MMHS

I have explored new recipes that incorporate healthier food choices.

Beverly Raine, Executive Director of TelePsychiatry at Kings View

Marlene and I at age 81 have just expanded the amount of walking we do every day, getting to new rivers, forests, and by meeting people who are discovering life in special ways. Life is waiting for us to find it.

Gerald Kaufman, Retired Social Worker

Spent time communing with our Maker in God’s “living room,” the outdoors!

Randy Murray, chaplain at OrrVilla Retirement Community

Starting a new hobby of covering table tops with tiles.

Carol Bornman, Bornman Boat Builders

I take time every day to exercise and make sure I have at least a 5-10 minute break from screen time every 2 hours.

Gretta Petersen, Director of Operations at Kings View

Making sure I sleep enough, accept the unknown and that things will continue to change.

Mike Kosareff, CFO at Kings View

Spending time with nature – doing lots of hiking.

Colleen Deegan, Sr. HR Generalist at Kings View

Stay connected with family and friends through social media platforms such as Zoom or group texting.

Warren Tyson, Board Chair at Frederick Living

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