2021 May Your Words

Your Words Responses for May

What spiritual practices have improved your ability to positively motivate, develop and lead your colleagues?

Motivating others starts with motivating myself and being the best role model, which means that my own self-care and emotional/psychological wellbeing is critical. Spending time daily on a spiritual practice has been most important for me in my leadership role.

Karen Lehman, President/CEO at MHS

Being a follower of Jesus and proclaiming His Word

Eugene Weaver, Chaplain at Fairmount Homes

A regular intellectual diet of the latest leadership information available coupled with a daily time to meditate and reflect on what and how to implement.

Leland Sapp, CEO of Peaceful Living

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I sent a daily email that included a passage of scripture accompanied by a prayer. After 13 months I ended the practice. Employees immediately asked me to continue this practice, so after one month off they will begin again on June 1. The response was a surprise to me and I treasure the many comments that I received about how much our employees looked forward to the spiritual connection each day.

Richard O’Hara, Director of Spiritual Ministries at Frederick Living

Centering prayer, silence and sabbath have all helped me int he past 15 months to maintain a nonanxious presence (ok… maybe a little anxious) whish has been helpful in leading during crisis.

Steve Lindsey, CEO of Garden Spot Communities

This answer is going to sound really strange, but the thing I have found most helpful in leadership has been learning natural horsemanship with my horse. As I have begun to internalize what it feels like to listen to the horse’s body language, work with rather than against them and discover how to motivate them, these skills have translated to my work with my team.

Evie Telfer, Assistant Director of Pastoral Ministries/ Residential Living Pastor at Messiah Lifeways

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