2021 June

Wishing Twila All the Best

After more than three years with MHS, Twila Albrecht, Program Manager, will be leaving to pursue a Masters in Conflict Management at the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies at the University of San Diego in California.

If you haven’t interacted with Twila directly, you almost certainly benefitted from her prolific work at our organization.

Notably, Twila developed and hosted our on Leading video podcast. She also developed the Employee Engagement evaluation.

Twila managed and made improvements to the Board and CEO assessments, and if you’ve received a survey from MHS in the past 3 years, chances are Twila wrote it. Webinars were produced and organized by Twila as well.

In addition to all of these tangible resources and assets, Twila also provided counsel on facilitation techniques and group dynamics. We will miss Twila’s many gifts, and wish her well in this next stage of her professional development.


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