2021 July

Your Words Responses for July 2021

What is the best lesson you’ve taken away from meeting in virtual formats?

That I really miss meeting in person. More challenging to pull yourself away from the the usual daily tasks when Zoom meeting in the office.

Delvin Zook, CEO of Rock of Ages Mennonite Home

First I will say being in person is always better, however with the lessons learned, virtual is our new norm, gone are the days of phone calls when we can virtual see and work together, better engagement every time. Great question!

Dianne Piet, Client Account Manager for Care Purchasing Services (CPS)

Meetings are more efficient as there’s less socialization – good and not so good…

Deanna S. Beins, Administrator of Menno Haven Rehabilitation Center

That it helps to remember engagement virtually is just as important as in person. People can tell when you’re multi-tasking!!

Karen Lehman, President/CEO of MHS

We can learn to adapt well to virtual meetings when required; however, I feel a stronger affinity for this physical presence now. Something is definitely gained when we are together and can experience the intricacies of human interaction in all its forms.

Curt Stutzman, President & CEO of Messiah Lifeways

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