Webinar Recap – “Pandemic Stress and the Power of Resilience”

MHS presented “Pandemic Stress and the Power of Resilience” on February 8, 2022. The webinar was presented by Steve Chupp, a Consultant, Facilitator, and Speaker. The current pandemic is undermining the mental and emotional wellbeing of many individuals, families, organizations, and churches. Combined with the rising tide of anger and division in society, debilitating levels of stress and anxiety are being reported.

Steve presented how stress pushes the brain into one of three reactions: fight, flight, or freeze. Stress is the brain’s reaction to a perceived threat. These responses are immediate and automatic. The downside of this stress response is the creative, problem-solving, learning part of our brain shuts down.

This stress response can take its toll and your body cannot live with that stress. Often times, stress can compound and create more stress. Your body needs ways to resolve that stress. Creating resilience can help provide a productive way of adapting that stress and thriving.

Steve highlighted many ways to create a resilience cycle by incorporating calming exercises, controlling your thinking, developing a gratitude mindset, and connecting spirituality through prayer and scripture. These practices can help bring your body and mind out of a stress response quicker to help make clearer decisions. Participants noted spending time with their pets, going out for a walk, journaling, and painting as valuable ways they can control their stress.

Watch the full webinar here


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