2021 February

NEW Infection Control Solution

Dianne Piet

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the landscape for infection prevention. Lessons learned continue to generate new guidelines and protocols to limit the spread of emerging viruses. New testing and technologies have arrived to mitigate surface bacteria, monitor contamination levels, and track infections. In order for communities to drive CMS compliance, the adoption of an effective infection control method is a top priority to tackle exposure, prevent outbreaks, protect staff and residents, and increase overall resident trust.

Bonafide, a new CPS vendor, introduces Bac-Track Infection Control ATP Testing and Cloud Based Solution. It delivers a systematic approach to mitigate COVID-19 and other virus contamination on surfaces using ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) monitoring devices, advanced electromagnetic sprayers, cloud based Bac-Track software, as well as two weeks of on-site staff training and extended support. In addition, Bonafide Bac-Track supplies an Interactive Software Dashboard tool to help operators and communities manage COVID-19 and other infections across multiple facilities. This system offers a view of contamination levels by facility, department, then down to the resident room. Bonafide Bac-Track furnishes contamination analytics from low to high risk and connects all facility data to produce reporting and corrective action.

  • Tracks and reports all infections according to the current guidelines
  • CMS & CDC compliant
  • Monitors and updates information from the CDC every Thursday
  • Analytic dashboard; Identifies highest and lowest contamination zones
  • Builds patient room floorplan, can filter by infection, then communicate to staff to resolve
  • Uploads data to cloud
  • Allows communication to all staff levels
  • Maps geographically
  • CMS reporting capability

To learn more or schedule a live Bonafide Bac-Track demonstration, please call, Dianne Piet, your dedicated CPS Client Account Manager. 603-935-7923, email:


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